Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Heavy Metal Toxicity: Patient Guide to Regaining Health:

Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Heavy Metal Toxicity: Patient Guide to Regaining Health:

by L.M. Lalko


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"I want to live before I die."
Chronically ill since childhood, I watched as my life slipped away because of one health problem after another. Too ill to follow many passions, I adapted as best I could. I did not marry; I did not have children; I did not do most of the things I wanted to do because of the limitations one illness after another imposed on me. However, I also tried to help out my family, especially my parents.
Though never a bum, this was always true: I would get up behind, do all that I could do, and go to bed behind.
Finally I reached the point where I decided I should use the only functional part of me, my mind, and figure out what was making me so ill and how to get well. Decades-long story short: the root cause of my illnesses was likely mercury toxicity from the dental amalgams, "silver fillings," that I had started accumulating in my youth.
I read up on chronic heavy metals. Took the plunge and went to Tijuana for safe removal and had instantaneous health improvements. I arrived there exhausted, requiring a wheelchair to make it through the airport. One hour after the last amalgam was removed I was able to get into an SUV without assistance and returned to the hotel room and crossed my legs—for the first time in decades. Even with a lot of PT, physical therapy, that had been only a dream.
I continued to progress in many ways and am longer diabetic type 2. The weight I had struggled with all of my life began to come off without returning with interest. I had managed to diet my way into obesity instead of the normal weight that should have resulted. Now I have lost 150 pounds. I know how I did it and want to lose a few more and know I will. I will never have to fear becoming obese again because I've figured out enough about health that that won't happen. That was hard to do because there is a lot of contradictory information out there.
As my health improved, I worked via Facebook with others. I have studied the research and read countless books on health. I can offer you guidance on how to effectively take charge of your health issues. You may find, as I did, that chronic heavy metal toxicity is not the entirety of your health burden: mold, toxins like glyphosate, infections, and incorrect nutritional information may all be playing roles in your health problems and those of loved ones.
This book can help you and your doctor connect the dots to find a way for you to significantly improve your health. This well-researched book covers a great deal of advice for dealing with the toxic world in which we live. It addresses correct nutritional information. It provides accurate information on exercise. Guidance on everything from growing your own cleaner food to selecting cookware and storage is included. Protocols are offered for dealing with chronic heavy metal toxicity: an All-Natural one, a more common set of chemical chelators, and the good news about a new one that is in trials and limited use.
I did a year of chemical chelation; I've done more than two of the All-Natural and I believe it works better, is safer, and may even be faster than some chemical chelation methods. If you are too ill now to grasp a lot of information, there is a "Just Tell Me What to Do," section. The rationale and citations are in the rest of the book.
There is no "one answer." This book helps you and your doctor to safely and logically find what will vastly improve your health.
I am finally having a life and I want to take a few billion folks along for what is a joyous experience.
M.D. Foreword.

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L.M. Lalko spent a lifetime of being ill yet providing care for others. Once she took the time to do her own research, she has made major strides in health and wants to shorten your journey to wellness.

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