Title: Sands of Iwo Jima
Director: Allan Dwan
Title: The Boys in Company C
Title: Force 10 from Navarone
Title: Tobruk
Director: Arthur Hiller
Title: Bat 21
Director: Peter Markle
Title: Death Before Dishonor
Title: Girls & Panzer der Film
Title: Overlord
Title: The Gallant Hours
Title: Hell in the Pacific
Title: Jarhead: 4-Movie Collection
Title: Windtalkers
Director: John Woo
Title: Platoon Leader/Soldier Boyz
Title: Retreat, Hell!
Title: Von Richthofen and Brown
Title: Ten Seconds to Hell
Title: Hornet's Nest
Director: Phil Karlson
Title: G.I. Bro
Title: Fixed Bayonets
Director: Samuel Fuller
Title: Biggles
Director: John Hough

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