Title: Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust, Author: Richard Rhodes
Title: The Crime and the Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Jedwabne, Author: Anna Bikont
Title: The Lost Childhood: A Memoir, Author: Yehuda Nir
Title: Where the Jews Aren't: The Sad and Absurd Story of Birobidzhan, Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region, Author: Masha Gessen
Title: Fragments of Isabella: A Memoir of Auschwitz, Author: Isabella Leitner
Title: 999: The Extraordinary Young Women of the First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz, Author: Heather Dune MacAdam
Title: Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film, Author: Glenn Kurtz
Title: The Hooligan's Return, Author: Norman Manea
Title: Escape from Sobibor, Author: Richard Rashke
Title: The Heavens Are Empty: Discovering the Lost Town of Trochenbrod, Author: Avrom Bendavid-Val
Title: Resistance: Jews and Christians Who Defied the Nazi Terror, Author: Nechama Tec
Title: Isaac's Army: A Story of Courage and Survival in Nazi-Occupied Poland, Author: Matthew Brzezinski