Title: The American Darts Organization Book of Darts, Author: Chris Carey
Title: The Ultimate Book of Darts: A Complete Guide to Games, Gear, Terms, and Rules, Author: Anne Kramer
Title: Darts Beginning To End, Author: George Silberzahn
Title: 40 Easy Dart Games., Author: Kerry Butters.
Title: A Bar Player's Guide to Winning Darts, Author: Fred Everson
Title: Darts: Skills - Tactics - Techniques, Author: Patrick Chaplin
Title: Soft-Tip Darts for the New Player: A Quiver of 3, Author: Timothy R Bucci
Title: The Mini Book of Mini Darts: The Book, the Boards, the Darts, and 43 Games, Author: Randall Lotowycz
Title: The Darts Quiz Book, Author: Kevin Snelgrove
Title: How to Play Winning Darts, Author: Ralph (Buddy) Maus