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Title: Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress, Author: Kelsey J. Patel
Title: The Angel Experiment: A 21-Day Magical Adventure to Heal Your Life, Author: Corin Grillo
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Title: The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World, Author: Lynne McTaggart
Title: The Way of the Shaman, Author: Michael Harner
Title: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Author: Karol K. Truman
Title: Wellness Witch: Healing Potions, Soothing Spells, and Empowering Rituals for Magical Self-Care, Author: Nikki Van De Car
Title: Christ the Healer, Author: F. F. Bosworth
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Title: Heal: Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Awaken the Powerful Healer Within, Author: Kelly Noonan Gores
Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong Illustrated, Fourth Edition, Author: Angela Wong Douglas
Title: The Power of Love, Author: James Van Praagh
Title: The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self: 21 Days to Releasing Self-Doubt, Cultivating Inner Peace, and Creating a Life You Love, Author: Nick Ortner
Title: Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual Citizens, Author: Marianne Williamson
Title: Quantum Healing (Revised and Updated): Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine, Author: Deepak Chopra
Title: Self-Healing with Reiki: How to Create Wholeness, Harmony & Balance for Body, Mind & Spirit, Author: Penelope Quest
Title: Why Am I Not Healed?: (When God Promised), Author: Glen Berteau
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Title: Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development, Author: Christopher Penczak
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Title: Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, Author: Caroline Myss
Title: What If This Is Heaven?: How Our Cultural Myths Prevent Us from Experiencing Heaven on Earth, Author: Anita Moorjani
Title: Souls in the Hands of a Tender God: Stories of the Search for Home and Healing on the Streets, Author: Craig Rennebohm
Title: Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning of Mantra and Kirtan, Author: Alanna Kaivalya
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