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Title: Lou Gehrig: A Biography, Author: William C. Kashatus
Title: LeBron James: Champion Basketball Star, Author: Valerie Bodden
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Title: The IF in Life: How to Get Off Life's Sidelines and Become Your Best Self, Author: Rashad Jennings
Title: Tiger Woods: A Biography, 2nd Edition, Author: Lawrence J. Londino
Title: Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance, Author: Simone Biles
Title: Choose to Matter: Being Courageously and Fabulously YOU, Author: Julie Foudy
Title: Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, Author: Alexis Burling
Title: Roberto Clemente, Author: Susan Muaddi Darraj
Title: 25 Women Who Dared to Go, Author: Allison Lassieur
Title: Rickey Henderson, Author: Greg Roensch
Title: Michael Phelps, Author: Barbara Sheen Busby
Title: 25 Women Who Ruled, Author: Rebecca Stanborough
Title: Lebron James, Author: Anne Wallace Sharp
Title: Jackie Robinson: Barrier-Breaking Baseball Legend, Author: Avery Elizabeth Hurt
Title: Jet Li, Author: Michael V. Uschan
Title: Richard Sherman: Shutting Down and Speaking Up, Author: Ruth Bjorklund
Title: Honor Girl, Author: Maggie Thrash
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Title: Oscar Pistorius, Author: Christine Wilcox
Title: Danica Patrick, Author: Barbara Sheen Busby
Title: Willie O'Ree: The Story of the First Black Player in the NHL, Author: Nicole Mortillaro