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Title: Top STEM Careers in Technology, Author: Laura La Bella
Title: Working in Public Transportation, Author: Mary-Lane Kamberg
Title: Fashion Industry, Author: Greenhaven Press
Title: Using Computer Science in the Food Industry, Author: Philip Wolny
Title: Working as a Legal Advocate, Author: Janet Harvey
Title: So You Want to Write a Children's Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing for Kids, Author: Rebekah Sack
Title: Fine Artists: A Practical Career Guide, Author: Marcia Santore
Title: Careers in School Safety, Author: Keith J. Olexa
Title: How to Act Like a Kid: Backstage Secrets of a Young Performer, Author: Henry Hodges
Title: Sports: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Author: Gail Fay
Title: Veterinary Technicians and Assistants: A Practical Career Guide, Author: Kezia Endsley
Title: Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science, Author: Allan Taylor
Title: How to Talk to Boys, Author: Dianne Todaro
Title: A Career as a Police Officer, Author: Stephanie Watson
Title: Career Opportunities in the Film Industry, Author: Fred Yager
Title: Career Opportunities in Forensic Science, Author: Susan Echaore-McDavid
Title: Cool Careers Without College for Nature Lovers, Author: Katie Haegele
Title: Working in Restaurants and Catering, Author: Rachel Gluckstern
Title: Plumbers: A Practical Career Guide, Author: Marcia Santore
Title: Using Computer Science in Education Careers, Author: Xina M. Uhl

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