Title: Empress Orchid, Author: Anchee Min
Title: The Lost Daughter of Happiness: A Novel, Author: Geling Yan
Title: Kitchen Chinese: A Novel about Food, Family, and Finding Yourself, Author: Ann Mah
Title: Mrs. Spring Fragrance: and Other Writings, Author: Sui Sin Far Pre-Order Now
Title: Sky Burial, Author: Xinran
Title: Last Empress, Author: Anchee Min
Title: Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book, Author: Maxine Hong Kingston
Title: The Rouge of the North / Edition 1, Author: Eileen Chang
Title: Shanghai Baby: A Novel, Author: Wei Hui
Title: Candy, Author: Mian Mian
Title: Frog, Author: Mo Yan
Title: Last Words from Montmartre, Author: Qiu Miaojin
Title: Dialogues in Paradise, Author: Can Xue
Title: Becoming Madame Mao, Author: Anchee Min
Title: City of the Queen: A Novel of Colonial Hong Kong, Author: Shu-Ching Shih
Title: Beijing Doll, Author: Chun Sue
Title: The Girl Who Played Go: A Novel, Author: Shan Sa
Title: Oriental Girls Desire Romance, Author: Catherine Liu
Title: Katherine, Author: Anchee Min
Title: A Private Life, Author: Ran Chen

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