Title: Classical Mechanics / Edition 1, Author: John R. Taylor
Title: Design of Wood Structures- ASD/LRFD, Eighth Edition / Edition 8, Author: Donald E. Breyer
Hardcover $85.50 $95.00 Current price is $85.50, Original price is $95.00.
Title: Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders / Edition 12, Author: James Ambrose
Hardcover $115.42 $119.50 Current price is $115.42, Original price is $119.50.
Title: Dynamics: Theory and Application of Kane's Method, Author: Carlos M. Roithmayr
Title: Beyond the Black Box: The Forensics of Airplane Crashes, Author: George Bibel
Title: Fundamentals of Structural Integrity: Damage Tolerant Design and Nondestructive Evaluation / Edition 1, Author: Alten F. Grandt Jr.
Hardcover $168.35 $182.00 Current price is $168.35, Original price is $182.00.
Title: Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials / Edition 1, Author: Ashok Choudhury
Title: An Engineer Imagines, Author: Peter Rice
Title: Cross-Laminated Timber Design: Structural Properties, Standards, and Safety / Edition 1, Author: Mustafa Mahamid
Title: Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics / Edition 2, Author: V.I. Arnol'd
Title: The Structural Basis of Architecture, Author: Bjørn N. Sandaker
Title: Stress Analysis of Cracks Handbook / Edition 3, Author: Hiroshi Tada
Hardcover $157.44 $165.00 Current price is $157.44, Original price is $165.00.
Title: The Isaac Newton School of Driving: Physics and Your Car, Author: Barry Parker
Title: Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings: Restoration, Preservation, and Adaptive Reuse Applications for Architects and Engineers / Edition 1, Author: J. Stanley Rabun
Hardcover $154.01 $166.50 Current price is $154.01, Original price is $166.50.
Title: Structural Synthesis in Precision Elasticity / Edition 1, Author: Yakov M Tseytlin
Title: Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materials / Edition 1, Author: Zdenek P. Bazant
Title: Mechanics, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Application of Fracture Mechanics to Polymers, Adhesives and Composites, Author: D R Moore
Title: System-Based Vision for Strategic and Creative Design: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference, Rome, Italy, 23-26 September 2006 / Edition 1, Author: F. Bontempi
Title: Finite Element Programs in Structural Engineering and Continuum Mechanics, Author: Carl T. F. Ross

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