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Title: Jews Against Prejudice: American Jews and the Fight for Civil Liberties, Author: Stuart Svonkin
Title: And in the Vienna Woods the Trees Remain: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Family Torn Apart by War, Author: Elisabeth Asbrink
Title: Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, Author: Deborah E. Lipstadt
Title: To the End of the Earth: A History of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico, Author: Stanley Hordes
Title: Saving Monticello: The Levy Family's Epic Quest to Rescue the House that Jefferson Built, Author: Marc Leepson
Title: Semites and Anti-Semites: An Inquiry into Conflict and Prejudice, Author: Bernard Lewis
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Title: The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism: From Ancient Times to the Present Day, Author: Walter Laqueur
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Title: (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump, Author: Jonathan Weisman
Title: Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction, Author: Martin Gilbert
Title: Preaching without Contempt: Overcoming Unintended Anti-Judaism, Author: Marilyn Salmon
Title: The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich, Author: Max Wallace
Title: Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition, Author: David Nirenberg
Title: Why Are Jews Liberals?, Author: Norman Podhoretz
Title: The Authoritarian Personality, Author: Theodor Adorno
Title: The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town, Author: Helmut Walser Smith
Title: How Jesus Became Christian, Author: Barrie Wilson Ph.D.
Title: The Dreyfus Affair: The Scandal That Tore France in Two, Author: Piers Paul Read
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Title: The Genius of Judaism, Author: Bernard-Henri Lévy
Title: The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People, Author: John Loftus
Title: The Holocaust and Catholic Conscience: Cardinal Aloisius Muench and the Guilt Question in Germany, Author: Suzanne Brown-Fleming

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