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Title: Communism, Author: Sue Vander Hook
Title: Europe, Author: Carol Wekesser
Title: Russia, Author: Viqi Wagner
Title: Croatia, Author: Zoran Pavlovic
Title: The Great Depression, Author: R. G. Grant
Title: Italy, Author: Zoran Pavlovic
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Title: Europe (Social Progress and Sustainability Series), Author: Don Rauf
Title: Spain, Author: Zoran Pavlovic
Title: Sweden, Author: Edward Patrick Hogan
Title: The Industrial Revolution in Europe, 1750-1914, Author: James Farr
Title: Ireland, Author: Erin Hogan Fouberg
Title: The European Union, Author: Michael Newton
Title: Russia (Modern World Nations Series), Author: William A. Dando
Title: The Marshall Plan, Author: Facts on File
Title: The Technological Revolution, Author: Clarice Swisher
Title: Eurasia (Social Progress and Sustainability Series), Author: Don Rauf