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Title: MIT and the Rise of Entrepreneurial Science / Edition 1, Author: Henry Etzkowitz
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Title: Passing the City University of New York Mathematics Skills Assessment Test, Author: Martin M. Zuckerman
Title: Economics, Politics and Social Studies in Oxford, 1900-85, Author: Sir Norman Chester
Title: A Princeton Companion, Author: Alexander Leitch
Title: Consorting And Collaborating In The Education Market Place, Author: Chris Husbands
Title: Oxford and the Decline of the Collegiate Tradition, Author: David Palfreyman
Title: Critical Problems in Physics, Author: Val L. Fitch
Title: Two Anglo-Saxon Pontificals (the Egbert and Sidney Sussex Pontificals), Author: H.M.J. Banting
Title: Princeton, 1746-1896, Author: Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker
Title: The Digital University: Reinventing the Academy, Author: Reza Hazemi
Title: Adult Learners On Campus, Author: H.B. Slotnick
Title: James McCosh and the Scottish Intellectual Tradition: From Glasgow to Princeton, Author: J. David Hoeveler Jr.
Title: The Rise of American Philosophy: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1860-1930, Author: Bruce Kuklick
Title: Report of the Committee on the Future of the College, Author: Marvin Bressler
Title: The Carnegie-Mellon Curriculum for Undergraduate Computer Science, Author: S.D. Brookes
Title: Embracing Reason: Egalitarian Ideals and the Teaching of High School Mathematics / Edition 1, Author: Daniel Chazan
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Title: The Challenge of Change in Physical Education, Author: Ida M. Webb
Title: The Digital University - Building a Learning Community / Edition 1, Author: Reza Hazemi
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Title: Planning the Development of Builders, Leaders and Managers for 21st-Century Business: Curriculum Review at Columbia Business School, Author: N. Capon