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Title: Meet the Mummy, Author: Susan Gordon
Title: Meet the Wolf Man, Author: R. K. Renfield
Title: Meet Dracula, Author: Charles Hofer
Title: Meet King Kong, Author: James W. Fiscus
Title: Introducing the Deadly Mantis, Author: Genevieve Rajewski
Title: Zombies, Author: Thomas Forget
Title: Horror, Author: Mark Wilshin
Title: Meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Author: Brent Peterson
Title: Meet Godzilla, Author: Robert Greenberger
Title: Introducing Frankenstein Meets Wolfman, Author: Greg Roza
Title: Introducing It Came from Outer Space, Author: Simone Payment
Title: Meet the Blob, Author: Suzanne J. Murdico
Title: Introducing Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Author: Kerry Hinton
Title: Meet Frankenstein, Author: Naima Green