Title: 275 Acting Games: Connected: A comprehensive workbook of theatre games for developing acting skills, Author: Gavin Levy
Title: Music Performance: Vocals and Band, Author: Christine Kohler
Title: Directing, Author: Bethany Bezdecheck
Title: Stage Management and Production, Author: Diane Bailey
Title: Glee Club Style: Choosing Costumes, Makeup, Sets, and Props, Author: Colleen Ryckert Cook
Title: Acting, Author: Bethany Bezdecheck
Title: Music and Singing, Author: Doretta Lau
Title: Scenery and Set Design, Author: Diane Bailey
Title: Dance and Choreography, Author: Michael Joosten
Title: Costumes and Makeup, Author: Doretta Lau
Title: Staging and Choreography, Author: Tracy Brown