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Title: Dead Time, Author: D. L. Orton
Title: The Blood Race, Author: K.A. Emmons
Title: Seasons Of Friendship: A
Title: Cracked, Author: Jacob Faust
Title: A Totally '80s Romance Boxed Set, Author: Addison Moore
Title: We'll Meet Again, Author: Kira Darlington
Title: Dark Moonlight: Lunar Rising, Author: N. M. Williams
Title: colors, Author: Jennifer McGraw
Title: Bitter Frost (Bitter Frost #1: Frost Series):, Author: Kailin Gow
Title: New Boy at the Academy, Author: Sam Hawk
Title: The Mission League Boxed Set: The New Recruit, Chokepoint, Project Gemini, Ambushed, Broken Trust, The Profile Match, Author: Jill Williamson
Title: The Secret in the Cliffs, Author: Kristin Tucker
Title: Dream Chooser Series: Myles 2 Go, Author: Kyle Rae Headlee
Title: The Summer Between, Author: Eva Simmons
Title: Both False & True: A Procrastinating Writers United Anthology, Author: Ceilidh Birkhahn
Title: Bookish Girl: a novel, Author: Alexandra Mitchell
Title: Dear Younger Me: Wisdom for the Journey Ahead, Author: Dr. Carolyn Hall
Title: I Knew Him, Author: Abigail de Niverville
Title: The Bird with the Broken Wing, Author: D. L. Richardson
Title: The Favored, Author: Morgan Bolt

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