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Title: Her Teen Dream (Her Teen Dream Series #1), Author: Devon Vaughn Archer
Title: Where the Clouds Go, Author: Jenna Wach
Title: Nevaeh Flashbacks, Author: Marcel Ray Duriez
Title: My Purpose Ordained by God, Author: Brialan Douglass
Title: Blind to Love, Author: Kestra Pingree
Title: Never Sorry Ever Jolly, Author: Autumn Cornwell
Title: Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps, Author: A. J. Massey
Title: Thomasina, Author: C.K. Mallick
Title: WHAT'RE FRIENDS FOR, Author: Kathy Merrick
Title: Cakespell, Author: Gaby Triana
Title: Life Will Never Be The Same: Ginny's Secret, Author: Kim T. Briggs
Title: Enlightenment, Author: Reno Ursal
Title: Silent Tears, Author: DJ Abbamont
Title: A Little Country Girl, Author: Susan Coolidge
Title: Beneath the Old Oak, Author: Lisa Shambrook
Title: Chambers: The Spirit Warrior:, Author: Sarah Gerdes
Title: Creators Of The Ocean, Author: Harry
Title: Me echaras de menos cuando ya no este, Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Title: Waves Of Grace, Author: Frank Ordaz

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