Title: Presidential Conversations, Author: George S. Corey
Title: The Jim Dilemma: Reading Race in Huckleberry Finn / Edition 1, Author: Jocelyn Chadwick-Joshua
Paperback from $17.03 $25.00 Current price is $17.03, Original price is $25.00.
Title: The significance of Sinclair Lewis, Author: Stuart Pratt Sherman
Title: Walt Kelly and Pogo: The Art of the Political Swamp, Author: James Eric Black
NOOK Book from $16.49 $21.99 Current price is $16.49, Original price is $21.99.
Title: Satire, Author: Jane Ogborn
Title: Hints and Guesses: William Gaddis's Fiction of Longing, Author: Christopher J. Knight
Title: Character and Satire in Post War Fiction, Author: Ian Gregson
Title: Transgressive Fiction: The New Satiric Tradition, Author: R. Mookerjee
Title: Sinclair Lewis: Rebel from Main Street, Author: Richard Lingeman
Title: Frances Newman: Southern Satirist and Literary Rebel, Author: Barbara Ann Wade
Title: Spoofing the Modern: Satire in the Harlem Renaissance, Author: Darryl Dickson-Carr
Title: Satire or Evasion?: Black Perspectives on Huckleberry Finn, Author: James S. Leonard
Title: Revel with a Cause: Liberal Satire in Postwar America, Author: Stephen E. Kercher
Title: The Candy Men: The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy, Author: Nile Southern
Title: Li'l Abner: A Study in American Satire, Author: Arthur Asa Berger
Title: Taste This, America, Author: Chef Victor
Title: Phi11y's P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$, Author: John Corry
Title: Fables of Subversion: Satire and the American Novel, Author: Steven Weisenburger
Title: Chicano Satire: A Study in Literary Culture, Author: Guillermo Hernandez
Title: Satirical Apocalypse: An Anatomy of Melville's The Confidence-Man, Author: Jonathan A. Cook

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