Title: Deadly Essence, Author: Randy Shamlian
Title: The Hand of the Potter, Author: Theodore Dreiser
Title: A Skull in Connemara, Author: Heinemann
Title: Caramba's Revenge - A Comedy, Author: William Norfolk
Title: Blackrock, Author: Nick Enright
Title: Good & Evil, Author: Jr. Charles A. Reap
Title: Riddance, Author: Linda McLean
Title: Cousin Dearest, Author: Chris Bedell
Title: Waves Crashing, Author: Lisa Lucero
Title: Crimson at Cape May, Author: Randy Overbeck
Title: Return to Walkers' Mountain, Author: Bev Freeman
Title: The Unnatural and Accidental Women, Author: Marie Clements
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Title: Psycho-Paranoia: A Blood Heist Theory:, Author: Jennifer Tuck
Title: Daisy Chains, Author: Samantha Evergreen
Title: The Potomac Enigma, Author: JJ Burke
Title: Norman's Revenge, Author: Sylvia Black
Title: Death at the Edge of the Diamond, Author: Paul H Raymer
Title: Never The Sinner, Author: John Logan

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