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Title: The Chrysalis, Author: Cynthia Davis
Title: Girl On The Brink, Author: Christina Hoag
Title: Taming the Rebel, Author: Dawn Klehr
Title: Rustic Stars, Author: J. Luis Licea
Title: Allegiance (Causal Enchantment, #3), Author: K. A. Tucker
Title: Flightless Bird, Author: Paulina Ulrich
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Title: Treading Water, Author: Ginna Moran
Title: Saving It, Author: Monica Murphy
Title: Pull, Author: B. A. Binns
Title: Glory Days: Freshman Year, Author: Lisa R. Jackson
Title: The Pearl Savage, Author: Tamara Rose Blodgett
Title: Annabelle's Love, Author: Jenny Ramirez Hart
Title: Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde, Author: Anya Monroe
Title: Dark Delta Deep, Blue Goodbye, Author: George Harmon Smith
Title: What A Girl Decides (Billionaire Romance) (Book 6), Author: Third Cousins
Title: We're Working on It, Author: Richard Norway
Title: Come Back to Me, Author: Coleen Patrick
Title: Demon's Heart, Author: Emily Bates
Title: Raksha, Author: Frankie Rose
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