Title: Dear Selma: A World War II Love Letter Romance, Author: Bernard D. Brown
Title: The Indomitable Florence Finch: The Untold Story of a War Widow Turned Resistance Fighter and Savior of American POWs, Author: Robert J. Mrazek
Title: The Storm on Our Shores: One Island, Two Soldiers, and the Forgotten Battle of World War II, Author: Mark Obmascik
Title: A Guest of the Reich: The Story of American Heiress Gertrude Legendre's Dramatic Captivity and Escape from Nazi Germany, Author: Peter Finn
Title: Infantry Aces: The German Soldier in Combat in WWII, Author: Franz Kurowski
Title: Washington Goes to War, Author: David Brinkley
Title: On the Road to Innsbruck and Back, Author: William B. Bache