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Title: Cold War: Superpower Tensions & Rivalries, 2nd edition, Author: David Williamson
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Title: East Pakistan, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Burma, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Afghanistan, Author: David Nelson
Title: Cambodia, Author: Jeff Hay
Title: China, Author: Andrea Pelleschi
Title: Modern Japan: A History in Documents / Edition 2, Author: James L. Huffman
Title: Ancient India, Author: Rebecca Rowell
Title: The Force Born of Truth: Mohandas Gandhi and the Salt March, India, 1930, Author: Betsy Kuhn
Title: North Korea, Author: Christopher L. Salter
Title: Pakistan, Author: Jann Einfeld
Title: South Korea, Author: Christopher L. Salter
Title: Communism in Crisis 1976-89, Author: Pathak. Rakesh
Title: Indonesia, Author: Debra A. Miller
Title: North and South Korea, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Who Will Shout If Not Us?: Student Activists and the Tiananmen Square Protest, China, 1989, Author: Ann Kerns
Title: Afghanistan, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Afghanistan: Current Controversies Series, Author: Debra A. Miller
Title: Vietnam War Crimes, Author: Samuel Brenner
Title: Kyrgyzstan, Author: Daniel E. Harmon

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