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Title: The Velvet Rope Economy: How Inequality Became Big Business, Author: Nelson D. Schwartz
Title: Commerce with the Classics: Ancient Books and Renaissance Readers, Author: Anthony Grafton
Title: The Providence of Wit: Aspects of Form in Augustan Literature and the Arts, Author: Martin C. Battestin
Title: The Classic: Literary Images of Permanence and Change, Author: Frank Kermode
Title: Johann Christoph Gottsched (1700-1766) The Harbinger of German Classicism, Author: P.M. Mitchell
Title: Formation of English Neo-Classical Thought, Author: James William Johnson
Title: The Choice of Achilles: The Ideology of Figure in the Epic, Author: Susanne  Lindgren Wofford
Title: Augustan Subjects: Essays in Honor of Martin C. Battestin, Author: Albert J. Rivero
Title: Classical Culture and the Idea of Rome in Eighteenth-Century England, Author: Philip Ayres
Title: Bread and Circuses: Theories of Mass Culture As Social Decay, Author: Patrick Brantlinger
Title: Reassessing Tudor Humanism, Author: J. Woolfson
Title: Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford, Author: Linda C. Dowling
Title: Studies in Nietzsche and the Classical Tradition, Author: James C. O'Flaherty
Title: Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry: A Student's Guide / Edition 2, Author: Isabel Rivers
Title: Chaucer and Pagan Antiquity, Author: A.J.  Minnis
Title: Spirals and Circles: A Key to Thematic Patterns in Classicism and Realism. Vol. 1, Author: Horst and Ingrid Daemmrich
Title: Prosody and Purpose in the English Renaissance, Author: O. B. Hardison Jr.
Title: The Didactic Muse: Scenes of Instruction in Contemporary American Poetry, Author: Willard Spiegelman
Title: Classical Myth and Legend in Renaissance Dictionaries, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Virgil Made English: The Decline of Classical Authority, Author: T. Caldwell

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