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Title: The Middle East, Author: Lauri S. Friedman
Title: Israel, Author: Myra Immell
Title: Military Might and Global Intervention, Author: Adam Woog
Title: World Peace, Author: Margaret Haerens
Title: Military Force, Author: Derek Miller
Title: International Security and Keeping the Peace, Author: Autumn Libal
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Title: Military Might and Global Intervention: Meddling or Peacemaking?, Author: Erin L. McCoy
Title: The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations, Author: Andrew Coddington
Title: The Division of the Middle East: The Treaty of Sevres, Author: Heather Lehr Wagner
Title: Treaty of Versailles, Author: Louise Chipley Slavicek
Title: The Middle East Peace Process, Author: Susan C. Hunnicut
Title: International Law and Playing by the Rules, Author: Sheila Nelson