Title: 12 x 12: Conversations in 21st-Century Poetry and Poetics, Author: Christina Mengert
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Title: Peter Dale in Conversation with Cynthia Haven, Author: Cynthia Haven
Title: Sparks from the Anvil: The Smith College Poetry Interviews, Author: Christian McEwen
Title: Required Writing: Miscellaneous Pieces, 1955-1982, Author: Philip Larkin
Title: The Sighted Singer: Two Works on Poetry for Readers and Writers, Author: Allen Grossman
Title: Giving Their Word: Conversations with Contemporary Poets, Author: Steven  Ratiner
Title: Into a Light Both Brilliant and Unseen: Conversations with Contemporary Black Poets, Author: Cornelius Eady
Title: Set in Motion: Essays, Interviews, and Dialogues, Author: A. R. Ammons
Title: Conversations with Richard Wilbur, Author: Richard Wilbur
Title: Talking with Poets, Author: Harry Thomas
Title: The Poetry Blues: Essays and Interviews, Author: William Matthews
Title: Interviews and Encounters with Stanley Kunitz, Author: Stanley Kunitz
Title: Halflife: Improvisations and Interviews, 1977-87, Author: Charles Wright
Title: So Ask: Essays, Conversations, and Interviews, Author: Philip Levine
Title: William Everson: The Light the Shadow Casts, Author: Clifton Ross
Title: Fourteen on Form: Conversations with Poets, Author: William Baer
Title: Contemporary Women's Poetry: Reading/Writing/Practice, Author: A. Mark
Title: Talk about Poetry - Conversations on the Art, Author: Peter Robinson
Title: Conversations with Sonia Sanchez, Author: Joyce A. Joyce
Title: You Must Revise Your Life, Author: William Stafford

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