Title: The Wild Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden, Author: Stanley Kunitz
Title: Conversations with Nikki Giovanni, Author: Virginia C. Fowler
Title: The Answers Are Inside the Mountains: Meditations on the Writing Life, Author: William Stafford
Title: The Etiquette of Freedom: Gary Snyder, Jim Harrison, and The Practice of the Wild, Author: Gary Snyder
Title: A God in the House: Poets Talk about Faith, Author: Ilya Kaminsky
Title: Conversations with Maya Angelou, Author: Jeffrey M. Elliot
Title: Conversations with Amiri Baraka, Author: Charlie Reilly
Title: Shelf Life: Essays, Memoirs, and an Interview, Author: Thom Gunn
Title: Conversations with W. S. Merwin, Author: Michael Wutz
Title: Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Interviews and Encounters, Author: Jeff Burger
Title: Poetry in Person: Twenty-Five Years of Conversation with America's Poets, Author: Alexander Neubauer
Title: Arts of the Possible: Essays and Conversations, Author: Adrienne Rich
Title: The Language of Life: A Festival of Poets, Author: Bill Moyers
Title: Sparks from the Anvil: The Smith College Poetry Interviews, Author: Christian McEwen
Title: Talk about Poetry - Conversations on the Art, Author: Peter Robinson
Title: W.D. Snodgrass In Conversation with Philip Hoy, Author: Philip Hoy
Title: A Poet?s Truth: Conversations with Latino/Latina Poets, Author: Bruce Allen Dick
Title: Death to the Death of Poetry: Essays, Reviews, Notes, Interviews, Author: Donald Hall
Title: What is Poetry? (Just kidding, I know you know): Interviews from The Poetry Project Newsletter (1983 - 2009), Author: Anselm Berrigan
Title: The Poetry Blues: Essays and Interviews, Author: William Matthews

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