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Title: Escape Room, Author: Maren Stoffels
Title: Winter of the Wolf, Author: Martha Hunt Handler
Title: Turnback Ridge, Author: Christopher Veylupek
Title: The Seekers, Author: Lynnie Purcell
Title: Never Talk to Strangers, Author: T. L. Hanigan
Title: Lost One Standing, Author: Hector Hill
Title: My Dream Catcher, Author: Kimberly Perschka
Title: The Watchers, Author: Lynnie Purcell
Title: Emma Beware, Book One, Author: Michelle Iden
Title: Omega Series: Rebels:, Author: Khacy Evans
Title: Echoes: Debut Edition, Author: Haiden Charles
Title: Here Without You, Author: Erin Mahoney
Title: Echoes: Exclusive Hardcover Edition, Author: Haiden Charles
Title: Learning to Swim: The LandWalker Chronicles, Author: Aerin Bergheart
Title: Fake Plastic World, Author: Zara Lisbon
Title: Silent Suspicions, Author: Diane S. Barna
Title: Cubana De Nacimiento, Francesa De Crianza?, Author: Yenisleidy Rodríguez
Title: Detrás Del Mensaje: De qué sirve ganar el mundo si pierdes el alma en el proceso, Author: Diana Fernández
Title: Sleepwalkers: Book 3: The Dreamer Chronicles, Author: Lynnie Purcell
Title: Nova, Author: Amber Williamson

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