Title: The Huarochiri Manuscript, Author: Frank Salomon
Title: The Language Of The Inka Since The European Invasion, Author: Bruce Mannheim
Title: Mixed Categories: Nominalizations in Quechua, Author: C. Lefebvre
Title: Pastoral Quechua: The History of Christian Translation in Colonial Peru, 1550-1654, Author: Alan Durston
Title: She-Calf and Other Quechua Folk Tales / Edition 1, Author: Johnny Payne
Title: Sounds Like Life: Sound-Symbolic Grammar, Performance, and Cognition in Pastaza Quechua, Author: Janis B. Nuckolls
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Title: Mixed Categories: Nominalizations in Quechua / Edition 1, Author: C. Lefebvre
Title: Syntactic Modularity, Author: Gabriella Hermon