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Title: Advanced Recon, Author: Erick Wujcik
Title: Macross II Spaceships and Deck Plans, Author: Marc-Alexandre Vezina
Title: Palladium Books Presents: Heroes Unlimited, Author: Kevin Siembieda
Title: Dragons and Gods for Palladium Fantasy RPG, Author: Kevin Siembieda
Title: The Palladium RPG Book II: Old Ones, Author: Kevin Siembieda
Title: Macross II: Deck Plans Volume One, Author: Martin Ouellette
Title: Monsters and Animals, Author: Matthew Balent
Title: Adventures on the High Seas, Author: Kevin Siembieda
Title: Island at the Edge of the World, Author: Kevin Siembieda
Title: Turtles Go Hollywood, Author: Daniel Greenberg
Title: After the Bomb Rpg, Author: Erick Wujcik
Title: Robotech: Zentraedi Breakout, Author: D. Christian
Title: The Compendium of Weapons, Armor and Castles, Author: Matthew Balent
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Title: The Palladium Book of Weapons and Castles of the Orient, Author: Matthew Balent
Title: Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Author: Kevin Siembieda
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Title: Yin-Sloth Jungles, Author: Kevin Siembieda