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Title: The Temple Of Truth And Lies, Author: James Duvall
Title: Pi Lightfoot & The Seven Tsunamis, Author: Nick Gilador
Title: Singer in the Snow (Singers of Nevya Series #4), Author: Louise Marley
Title: Star Galaxy: The Lost City, Author: Mary E. Logsdon
Title: Come the Eventide, Author: Chris Riker
Title: Double Life: The Imagined Becomes Real, Author: Dawson Vosburg
Title: Changers - Band 2, Oryon, Author: T. Cooper
Title: HIGGINS: Starboard Wave, Author: Sam Lyatt
Title: The Courier's Collection, Author: T S Valmond
Title: Bittersweet, Author: Kristen Cathey
Title: Star Galaxy: The White Knight, Author: Mary E. Logsdon
Title: We are the Catalyst, Author: Tash Mcadam
Title: The Culling, Author: Steven dos Santos
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Title: Crescent Of Darkness, Author: Virgil Thornton II
Title: Moon Rise: A Tucker Family Adventure, Author: Bo Quick
Title: Feyland Omnibus, Author: Anthea Sharp
Title: Una arruga en el tiempo, Author: Madeleine LEngle
Title: The Source, Author: LaDonna Cole
Title: Con la verdad llegará el fin (Seeker), Author: Arwen Elys Dayton
Title: Red Leopard And The Great Rift, Author: Edward Thornton

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