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Title: When Race Counts: The Morality of Racial Preference in Britain and America, Author: John Edwards
Title: Comparing Welfare States / Edition 2, Author: Allan Douglas Cochrane
Title: Imagining Welfare Futures / Edition 1, Author: Gordon Hughes
Title: Capitalism in Contention: Business Leaders and Political Economy in Modern Britain, Author: Jonathan Boswell
Title: The British Welfare State: A Critical History / Edition 1, Author: John Brown
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Title: The Ethics of Welfare: Human Rights, Dependency and Responsibility, Author: Hartley Dean
Title: Child Welfare and Social Policy: An Essential Reader, Author: Harry Hendrick
Title: The Welfare State in Britain since 1945, Author: Rodney Lowe
Title: The State and Social Investigation in Britain and the United States, Author: Michael J. Lacey
Title: Inequality and the State / Edition 1, Author: John Hills
Title: Consensus and Disunity: The Lloyd George Coalition Government 1918-1922, Author: Kenneth O. Morgan
Title: Rethinking Unemployment and the Work Ethic: Beyond the 'Quasi-Titmuss' Paradigm, Author: A. Dunn
Title: Understanding Social Problems: Issues in Social Policy / Edition 1, Author: Margaret May
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Title: The Social Construction of Expertise: The English Civil Service and Its Influence, 1919i1939, Author: Gail Savage
Title: Tories and the Welfare State: A History of Conservative Social Policy since the Second World War, Author: Timothy Raison
Title: Punishment and Welfare: A History of Penal Strategies, Author: David Garland
Title: American Indians, the Irish, and Government Schooling: A Comparative Study, Author: Michael C. Coleman
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Title: Understanding Social Exclusion, Author: John Hills
Title: The Reform of Public Services Under New Labour: Narratives of Consumerism, Author: C. Needham
Title: The Strategy of Equality: Redistribution and the Social Services, Author: Julian Le Grand

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