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Title: Automatic Poverty, Author: Bill Jordan
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Title: The Boundaries of the State in Modern Britain, Author: S. J. D. Green
Title: The Treasury and Social Policy: The Contest for Control of Welfare Strategy, Author: N. Deakin
Title: Consensus and Disunity: The Lloyd George Coalition Government 1918-1922, Author: Kenneth O. Morgan
Title: Welfare And Policy: Research Agendas and Issues / Edition 1, Author: Neil Lunt
Title: Spaces of Social Exclusion / Edition 1, Author: Jamie Gough
Title: New Managerialism, New Welfare? / Edition 1, Author: John H. Clarke
Title: The Problem of Mental Deficiency: Eugenics, Democracy, and Social Policy in Britain c. 1870-1959, Author: Mathew Thomson
Title: Choice and Public Policy: The Limits to Welfare Markets, Author: Peter Taylor-Gooby
Title: The Origins of British Social Policy, Author: Pat Thane
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Title: Law and Opinion in England in the Twentieth Century., Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Citizen, State, and Social Welfare in Britain 1830-1990, Author: Geoffrey Finlayson
Title: Changing Relations of Welfare: Family, Gender and Migration in Britain and Scandinavia, Author: Åsa Lundqvist
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Title: Motivation, Agency, and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens / Edition 1, Author: Julian Le Grand
Title: British Social Welfare in the Twentieth Century, Author: Robert Page
Title: Essays on the Welfare State, Author: Richard Titmuss
Title: Not So New Labour, Author: Simon Prideaux
Title: The Managerial School: Post-welfarism and Social Justice in Education / Edition 1, Author: Sharon Gewirtz
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Title: Citizenship, Work and Welfare: Searching for the Good Society, Author: Julia Parker
Title: Inequality and the State / Edition 1, Author: John Hills

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