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Title: Negro Leagues Baseball, Author: Roger Bruns
Hardcover $60.70 $64.00 Current price is $60.70, Original price is $64.00.
Title: Jim Crow Laws, Author: Leslie V. Tischauser
Title: Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Africa: From Slavery Days to Rwandan Genocide (Daily Life Through History Series), Author: John Paul Clow Laband Ph.D.
Title: The Struggle Against Slavery: A History in Documents, Author: David Waldstreicher
Hardcover from $46.40 $65.95 Current price is $46.40, Original price is $65.95.
Title: Plessy v. Ferguson, Author: Thomas J. Davis Ph.D.
Title: The Civilization of the Incas, Author: Jeffrey Quilter
Title: African-American Culture and History: A Student's Guide, Author: Gale
Title: Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, Author: Phillip Hoose
Title: Minorities: Race and Ethnicity in America, Author: Gale
Title: Encyclopedia of European Peoples, Author: Carl Waldman
Title: Nature and the Environment in Pre-Columbian American Life (Daily Life Through History Series), Author: Stacy S. Kowtko
Title: Teen Life in Africa, Author: Toyin Falola
Title: Teen Life in the Middle East, Author: Ali Akbar Mahdi
Title: The Hispanic Americans, Author: Rodney P. Carlisle
Title: Sitting Bull and His World, Author: Albert Marrin
Title: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Author: Donald L. Fixico
Title: Slavery in the United States, Author: Jeff Forret
Title: Chronologies of American History and Experience, Author: Gale
Title: American Immigration: A Student Companion, Author: Roger Daniels
Title: Encyclopedia of Judaism, Author: Sara E. Karesh
Hardcover $76.50 $85.00 Current price is $76.50, Original price is $85.00.

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