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Title: The Gender Wage Gap, Author: Melissa Higgins
Title: The Squirrel Manifesto Coloring Book, Author: Joey Manhattan
Title: Smart Spending: The Teens' Guide to Cash, Credit, and Life's Costs, Author: Kara F McGuire
Title: Six Days in October: The Stock Market Crash of 1929: A Wall Street Journal Book for Children, Author: Karen Blumenthal
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Title: Careers in Entertainment, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
Title: Careers in Medical Technology, Author: Bradley Steffens
Title: Would You Hire This Person?: A Look at Getting Hired (or Not!)... from the Point of View of Your (Possible!) Future Employer, Author: Carole Marsh
Title: Careers in Architecture and Construction, Author: Barbara Sheen
Title: A Career in Biomedical Engineering, Author: Melissa Abramovitz
Title: Careers in Aviation and Aerospace, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
Title: Careers in Emergency Response, Author: Christine Wilcox
Title: Careers in Finance, Author: Joanne Mattern
Title: Careers in Law Enforcement, Author: Michael V. Uschan
Title: Careers in Digital Media, Author: Laura Roberts
Title: How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication for Teen and Parent Relationships, Author: Laura Lyles Reagan
Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money - That You Don't Learn in School, Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
Title: In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers, Author: Deborah Reber
Title: Food and Culinary Arts, Author: Ken Mondschein
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Title: The Great Depression: Experience the 1930s from the Dust Bowl to the New Deal, Author: Marcia Amidon Lusted
Title: Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?, Author: Esther Watson

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