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Title: National Security, Author: Gale
Title: Growing Up: Issues Affecting America's Youth, Author: Gale
Title: Death and Dying: End-of-life Controversies, Author: Gale
Title: Legal and Illegal Immigration, Author: Gale
Title: Culture Contact in the Pacific: Essays on Contact, Encounter and Response / Edition 1, Author: Max Quanchi
Title: Electronic America, Author: Gale
Title: Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, Author: Gale
by Gale
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Title: Minorities: Race and Ethnicity in America, Author: Gale
Title: The Story of My Life, Author: Helen Keller
Title: Social Welfare: Fighting Poverty and Homelessness, Author: Gale
Title: Beautiful Minds: A Journey of Self-Discovery for Teenage Girls, Author: Marina Passalaris
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Title: Gambling: What's at Stake?, Author: Information Plus Reference