Title: Public Safety Dispatcher II, Author: National Learning Corporation
Title: Acoustic Properties: Radio, Narrative, and the New Neighborhood of the Americas, Author: Tom McEnaney
Title: SBE Certification Handbook for Radio Operators 2nd Edition, Author: Ron Bartlebaugh
Title: Transistor Radios: 1954-1968, Author: Norman Smith
Title: Zenith Radio, The Glory Years, 1936-1945: History and Products: History and Products, Author: Harold Cones
Title: Genuine Plastic Radios of the Mid-Century, Author: Ken Jupp
Title: Zenith Radio, The Glory Years, 1936-1945: Illustrated Catalog and Database: Illustrated Catalog and Database, Author: Harold Cones
Title: Zenith Radio: The Early Years 1919-1935, Author: Harold Cones
Title: RF Front-End: World Class Designs, Author: Janine Love
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Title: Wireless Telegraphy: Its Origins, Development, Inventions, and Apparatus, Author: Charles Henry Sewall
Title: RF & Microwave Design Essentials: Engineering Design and Analysis from DC to Microwaves, Author: Matthew M Radmanesh
Title: RFID For Dummies, Author: Patrick J. Sweeney II
Title: Radio Promotion: 1st Edition: A Guide for the Independent Recording Artist: How to Protect, Market, and Sell Your Music., Author: Kedrick J. Mahoney M.B.A
Title: The One To Watch: Radio, New ICTs and Interactivity, Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Title: Handbook of Frequency Allocations and Spectrum Protection for Scientific Uses, Author: National Research Council
Title: Wireless Writing in the Age of Marconi, Author: Timothy Campbell
Title: Spectrum Management for the 21st Century, Author: James A. Lewis
Title: The Twenty-First-Century Media Industry: Economic and Managerial Implications in the Age of New Media, Author: John Allen Hendricks
Title: Advanced Rf & Microwave Circuit Design (Updated & Modernized Edition - June 2018): The Ultimate Guide to Superior Design, Author: Matthew M. Radmanesh Ph.D.
Title: Federal Long-Range Spectrum Plan, Author: Mathew B. Lane

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