Title: Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things (B&N Exclusive Edition), Author: Josh Clark
BN Exclusive $21.99 $27.99 Current price is $21.99, Original price is $27.99.
Title: 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True, Author: Guy P. Harrison
Title: The Intellectual Devotional: Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class, Author: David S. Kidder
Title: Rules of Thumb: A Life Manual, Author: Tom Parker
Title: Ken Jennings's Trivia Almanac: 8,888 Questions in 365 Days, Author: Ken Jennings
Title: Is It Safe to Kiss My Cat?: And Other Questions You Were Afraid to Ask, Author: Carol Ann Rinzler
Title: 365 Questions For Couples, Author: Michael J Beck
Title: HYPERtheticals: 50 Questions for Insane Conversations, Author: Chuck Klosterman
Title: The Jeopardy! Book of Answers, Author: Harry Friedman
NOOK Book $13.49 $17.99 Current price is $13.49, Original price is $17.99.
Title: The Book of General Ignorance, Author: John Lloyd
Title: Chat Pack, Author: Bret Nicholaus
Title: Ever Wonder Why?: Here Are the Answers!, Author: Douglas B. Smith
Title: How Come?: Every Kid's Science Questions Explained, Author: Kathy Wollard
Title: AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World's Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors, and Unexplained Phenomena, Author: Mitchell Moffit
Title: Mental Floss presents In the Beginning: From Big Hair to the Big Bang, mental_floss presents a Mouthwatering Guide to the Origins of Everything, Author: Mental Floss Editors
Title: Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs, Author: Ken Jennings
Title: Pop Science: Serious Answers to Deep Questions Posed in Songs, Author: James Ball
Title: How Did They Do That?, Author: Caroline Sutton
Title: Why Girls Can't Throw: ...and Other Questions You Always Wanted Answered, Author: Mitchell Symons
Title: Do Fish Drink Water?: Puzzling and Improbable Questions and Answers, Author: Bill McLain

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