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Title: Sacajawea, Author: Anna L Waldo
Title: The Morning River: A Novel of the Great Missouri Wilderness in 1825, Author: W. Michael Gear
Title: Long Knife, Author: James Alexander Thom
Title: From Sea to Shining Sea, Author: James Alexander Thom
Title: The Wandering Hill (Berrybender Narratives Series #2), Author: Larry McMurtry
Title: Texas Empire, Author: Matt Braun
Title: Meriwether: A Novel of Meriwether Lewis and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Author: David Nevin
Title: Dream West: A Novel, Author: David Nevin
Title: 24 Best Western-Mysterious Rider Prairie Call of the Canyon Lost Face Man of the Forest Lone Star Ranger Rainbow Trail, Author: Andre Norton
Title: The White Chip, Author: Nelson C. Nye
Title: Complete Western Adventure-Sign at Six Gray Dawn Mountains Blazed Trail Stories of the Wild Life Westerners Silent Place, Author: Stewart Edward White
Title: Ken Ward in the Jungle, Author: Zane Grey
Title: Soldier in Buckskin, Author: Ray Hogan
Title: Klondike Fever, Author: Ledbetter Suzann
Title: Heart of the Country, Author: Greg Matthews
Title: Folly and Glory (Berrybender Narratives Series #4), Author: Larry McMurtry
Title: Charbonneau's Gold, Author: Rita Cleary
Title: Rock Child, Author: Win Blevins
Title: The True Account: A Novel of the Lewis and Clark and Kinneson Expeditions, Author: Howard Frank Mosher
Title: Badlands, Author: Richard S. Wheeler

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