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Title: Desert Gold (ANNOTATED), Author: Zane Grey
Title: Square Deal Sanderson (Illustrated), Author: Charles Alden Seltzer
Title: The Blue Ridge, Author: William Jr. Post
Title: A Waif of the Mountains, Author: Edward S. Ellis
Title: The Mail Rider: From Kentucky to Texas, the Hard Way, Author: Robert J. Gossett
Title: Empire Builders (Illustrated), Author: Francis Lynde
Title: War Chief, Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Title: The Lone Ranger #4: Heritage of the Plains, Lone Star Renegade, and Death's Head Vengeance:, Author: Fran Striker
Title: A Lone Star Cowboy (Illustrated), Author: Charles A. Siringo
Title: Casey Ryan, Author: B.M. Bower
Title: Sally Dows and Other Stories, Author: Bret Harte
Title: Brazos River Marauders, Author: E. Roy Hector
Title: Lone Star Justice, Author: Wayne M. Hoy
Title: The Reckoning Trail, Author: Richard B. Talbot
Title: On The Trail, Author: Brad Curtis
Title: Skyrider, Author: B. M. BOWER
Title: A Long Way from Stones River, Author: Edith Webster
Title: Two Brothers: A Story of the Civil War and Brotherly Love, Author: Robert J. Gossett
Title: The Dark Trail to Nowhere, Author: Harry Jay Thorn
Title: Counting Coup: The Odyssey of Captain Tom Adams, Author: Bob Stockton

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