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Magnolia Journal, from Chip and Joanna Gaines, focuses on seasonal ideas for life, garden, and home. Each issue identifies a thought-provoking virtue, and inspires readers to pursue it intentionally in their own lives.

Magnolia Journal, Fall 2020
Magnolia Journal, Summer 2020
Magnolia Journal, Spring 2020
Magnolia Journal, Winter 2019
Magnolia Journal, Fall 2019
Magnolia Journal, Summer 2019
The Magnolia Journal, Spring 2019
The Magnolia Journal, Winter 2018
The Magnolia Journal, Summer 2018
The Magnolia Journal, Fall 2018

College Football Preview

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Phil Steele's 2020 College Football Preview

by Phil Steele Publications

Phil Steele is a nationally known and respected football writer best known for his College Football Preview.

Phil Steele’s 2020 College Football Preview issue includes over 350 pages of cutting-edge statistics, historical results and positional analysis on all 130 FBS teams, Phil’s Preseason All-American list, Phil’s Power Ratings, and much more!

For the Love of Paper

Love paper? Create something beautiful with these interactive books, complete with detachable patterned papers for any creative endeavor, along with projects and fun surprises throughout.

For the Love of Paper: Florals: 160 Tear-off Pages for Creating, Crafting, and Sharing
For the Love of Paper: Botanicals: 160 Tear-off Pages for Creating, Crafting, and Sharing
For the Love of Paper: 320 Tear-off Pages for Creating, Crafting, and Sharing

Supernatural Fandom

Entertainment Weekly: Supernatural, Exclusive Collector's Issue 2020

by Meredith Corporation

Endings are hard, but then again…you can carry on forever with our B&N exclusive collectible issue and poster! Hold on to Team Free Will as we approach the finale of a lifetime.

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