Tanith Lee (1947¿2015) was a British writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. She was the author of more than 90 novels (including Wolf Tower and The Flat Earth series), 300 short stories (such as "When the Clock Strikes," from the collection Red as Blood), a children's picture book (Animal Castle), and many poems. She also wrote two episodes of the BBC science fiction series Blake's 7. Lee was married to artist and writer John Kaiine.


The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest
The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm
Songs of Love Lost and Found
Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers: Magical Tales of Love and Seduction
Night's Master
Blood Is Not Enough: Stories of Vampirism
Biting the Sun: A Novel
Death's Master
The Birthgrave (Birthgrave Trilogy #1)
The Silver Metal Lover
Legenda Maris
Electric Forest
The Book of the Damned
The Blood of Roses Volume Two: Jun, Eujasia, Mechailus

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Title: De Witte Heks, Author: Tanith Lee
Title: Ghosteria 2: The Novel: Zircons May Be Mistaken, Author: Tanith Lee

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