Title: The Confectioner's Guild, Author: Claire Luana
Title: A Witchy Mistake, Author: Rhonda Hopkins
Title: Mindspeak, Author: Heather Sunseri
Title: Murder Any Witch Way, Author: N. M. Howell
Title: Emerge, Author: Heather Sunseri
Title: Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1, Author: Kim Richardson
Title: Beneath Hollow Lies (The Honeyton Mysteries, #1), Author: Jessica Sorensen
Title: The Private School Murders (Confessions Series #2) - FREE PREVIEW (The First 15 Chapters), Author: James Patterson
Title: Nowhere Girl, Author: Fiona Keane
Title: Shifting: Prophecy of Fire, Author: Humphrey Quinn
Title: Hollow Wishes, Author: Juliet Vane
Title: Vitrian Secrets - The Healing Mendez, Author: Dele Andersen
Title: The Soulkeepers, Author: G. P. Ching
Title: Black Beauty, Author: Constance Burris
Title: Dog Justice, Author: Cherie A. Rohn
Title: Vigilante (Killers Among), Author: S. E. Green
Title: All I Never Wanted, Author: Katie Klein
Title: not gonna die in the dark: episode 1, Author: Adam Archer
Title: Lif and Lifthrasir: Breath of Life, Author: B. R. Bailey
Title: Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy, Author: Paula Berinstein

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