Title: The Gathering: Sampler, Author: Sam Tung
Title: The Silver Ninja, Author: Wilmar Luna
Title: Dragon Tattoo'z, Author: Mohamed Hassen Braham
Title: Skylanders #0, Author: David A. Rodriguez
Title: Direct Currents (2016-) #1 (NOOK Comics with Zoom View), Author: Various
Title: The Lost Man, Author: King Uke
Title: El coloquio de los perros (Flash Relatos), Author: Miguel de Cervantes
Title: The Fortress of Gold, Author: Stephen L. Nowland
Title: The Black Pirate, Author: King Uke
Title: Connections eMagazine August 2019, Author: MPSmith Publishing
Title: Skylark, Author: King Uke
Title: Theracomics #0 - The First Step In!, Author: C. Sesselego
Title: Connections eMagazine May 2019, Author: MPSmith Publishing
Title: Bad Moon, Author: King Uke
Title: Gold Mountain, Author: King Uke
Title: Urban Kingdoms, Author: David M. Wallace
Title: Lord Darkness Episode 1: Moving In, Author: Brandon Ingham
Title: The English Assignment, Author: I.S Tapler
Title: Nicio Comics: Series 0, Author: Lionicio Perez
Title: For Young Entrepreneurs, Story of Tom Monaghan Founder of Domino's Pizza, Author: Raouf Shabayek

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