Title: Fearsome Warrior, Author: David M. Wallace
Title: Wild West Story Part 1: A Bigger Swindler, Author: Gabriel Calex
Title: For Young Entrepreneurs, Story of J.K. Rowling, Author: Raouf Shabayek
Title: The Silver Ninja, Author: Wilmar Luna
Title: Berger Books Sampler #2, Author: Various
Title: The Gathering: Sampler, Author: Sam Tung
Title: Mr Mildew Ends the World, Author: L.E. Mullin
Title: The Flight of the Condor #1 (Volume One), Author: L.E. Mullin
Title: Between the Panels 2: An Exciting Look Behind the Scenes at Four Fantastic New Graphic Novels, Author: Zack Giallongo
Title: Wandering Koala rides The Phantom Coach comic 1, Author: Jeff Thomason
Title: Gratis Comic Tag Magazin 2014, Author: Gratis Comic Tag
Title: Wild West Story Part 2: A Gentleman called Joe, Author: Gabriel Calex
Title: Wild West Story Part 3: In Searching of Maurice, Author: Gabriel Calex
Title: The Flight of the Condor (Volume Two), Author: L.E. Mullin
Title: Connections eMagazine November 2018, Author: MPSmith Publishing
Title: Alpha vs. Omega, Author: John J. Vinacci
Title: The Lost Man, Author: King Uke
Title: Steves, Author: Keiichi Matsunaga
Title: Volcano Woman (Book One: Origin), Author: Kola Boof
Title: The Fortress of Gold, Author: Stephen L. Nowland

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