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Title: Unexplained Mysteries: Unexplained Mysteries Of The Ghostly Kind: Unexplained Phenomena, Bizarre True Stories And True Paranormal Box Set, Author: Max Mason Hunter
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Title: True Hauntings And Paranormal: Exploring the World's Creepiest Haunted Places & Objects, Author: Roger P. Mills
Title: True Horror: Searching For the Haunted: Spine-Tingling Stories of Lost Souls, Author: Hector Z. Gregory
Title: Bizarre True Stories: Weird And Unusual True Stories Of The Paranormal, Strange Sightings, Eerie True Ghost Stories And Unexplained Phenomena, Author: Max Mason Hunter
Title: The Top 5 Most Haunted Places in America, Author: John Morrison
Title: Unveiling Revelation: The Prophetic Visions Of St. John Of Patmos, Author: Rev. James L. Davis
Title: Dark Poetry, Volume 2: Gothic Twilight., Author: J J Ginty
Title: Dark Poetry, Volume 5: Gothic Twilight III, Author: J J Ginty
Title: Halloween, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: Diabolica, Author: Daniel Marques
Title: Demonolatria, Author: Daniel Marques