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Pope Francis - A Man of His Word Pre-Order Now
Food: Delicious Science
AM and PM Yoga for Beginners
Denise Austin: Step Workout
Peggy Cappy: Easy Yoga - The Secret to Strength and Balance
Leslie Sansone: Just Walk - 5 Boosted Miles!
Leslie Sansone: Just Walk - Belly Blasting Walk
Denise Austin - Blast Away the Pounds - Indoor Walk
Peggy Cappy: Yoga for the Rest of Us - Easy Yoga for Easing Pain
Christianity: the First Two Thousand Years
Kathy Smith: Power Step Workout
Small-Circle Jujitsu, Vol. 1: Foundations by Wally Jay
Small-Circle Jujitsu, Vol. 4 Tendon Tricep, Armbars & Arm Locks by Wally Jay
Small-Circle Jujitsu, Vol. 3: Grappling Techniques by Wally Jay
Seeing, Searching, Being: Three Films by Ken Burns

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Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off in 30 Days
David-Dorian Ross: Tai Chi Fit - 24 Form
Leslie Sansone: Just Walk - Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan
Leslie Sansone: Just Walk - 3 Mega Miles
Somm/Somm: into the Battle
Chenhan Yang: Chen Tai Chi for Beginners
Lee Holden: Qi Gong - Five Elements Energy Balance
Inside Sportfishing: Baja, Part 9 - WFO
More Than My Brain
Lee Holden: Qi Gong for the Arms, Wrists, and Hands
Lee Holden: Qi Gong for High Blood Pressure
Inside Sportfishing: Baja, Part 7 - No Bad Days
Jesus and Mary: The Hidden Bloodline
Lee Holden: Qi Gong for Headaches