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Title: The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler, Author: John Hendrix
Title: Survivors Club: The True Story of a Very Young Prisoner of Auschwitz, Author: Michael Bornstein
Title: D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy, 1944 [The Young Readers Adaptation], Author: Rick Atkinson
Title: Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish Famine, 1845-1850, Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Title: What Was the Berlin Wall?, Author: Nico Medina
Title: Wild Boy: The Real Life of the Savage of Aveyron, Author: Mary Losure
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Title: History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Caesar Augustus, Author: Charles River Editors
Title: 14 Fun Facts About the Danube River, Author: Jeannie Meekins
Title: The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History: The Story of the Monuments Men (Scholastic Focus), Author: Robert M. Edsel
Title: Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift's
Title: What Was D-Day?, Author: Patricia Brennan Demuth
Title: Courage & Defiance: Stories of Spies, Saboteurs, and Survivors in World War II Denmark, Author: Deborah Hopkinson
Title: Scotland's Story, Author: H. E. Marshall
Title: The Middle Ages: An Interactive History Adventure, Author: Allison Lassieur
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Title: 14 Fun Facts About the Rhine River, Author: Jeannie Meekins
Title: Guts & Glory: The Vikings, Author: Ben Thompson
Title: Who Was Joan of Arc?, Author: Pam Pollack
Title: Who Was Napoleon?, Author: Jim Gigliotti
Title: Who Was Marie Antoinette?, Author: Dana Meachen Rau
Title: Jack the Ripper, Author: Michael Burgan

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