Title: TIME Magazine, Author: Meredith Corporation
Title: The New Yorker, Author: Condé Nast
Title: Newsweek, Author: IBT Media
Title: Guideposts, Author: Guideposts
Title: The Atlantic, Author: The Atlantic Group
Title: The Nation, Author: The Nation Company
Title: Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Author: Penny Publications
Title: Asimov's Science Fiction, Author: Penny Publications
Title: Foreign Affairs, Author: Council on Foreign Relations
Title: Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Author: Penny Publications
Title: The Week, Author: The Week Publications
Title: The New York Times Book Review, Author: The New York Times Company
Title: The Writer, Author: Madavor Media
Title: Reminisce, Author: Reader's Digest Association
Title: Reason Magazine, Author: Reason Foundation
Title: The New York Review of Books, Author: The New York Review of Books
Title: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Author: Penny Publications
Title: Poets & Writers, Author: Poets & Writers
Title: New York Magazine, Author: New York Media LLC
Title: National Review, Author: The National Review

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