Title: The Daily Kent Stater, Author: Kent State University
Title: WHRW-FM, Author: SUNY at Binghamton
Title: The Eagle, Author: American University
Title: The Lafayette, Author: Lafayette College
Title: The Reveille, Author: Louisiana State University
Title: The Manitou Messenger, Author: St Olaf College
Title: The Duke Chronicle, Author: Duke University
Title: The Dartmouth, Author: Dartmouth College
Title: The Oberlin Review, Author: Oberlin College
Title: The Towerlight, Author: Towson University
Title: The Collegian, Author: California State University-Fresno
Title: Counterpint, Author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Wellesley College
Title: The Georgetown Voice, Author: Georgetown University
Title: The State Press, Author: Arizona State University
Title: The Yale Herald, Author: Yale University
Title: The Flyer News, Author: University of Dayton
Title: The Herald, Author: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Title: The Daily Cougar, Author: University of Houston
Title: The Harvard Crimson, Author: Harvard University
Title: Vermont Cynic, Author: University of Vermont

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