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Title: People, Author: Time
Title: TIME Magazine, Author: Time
Title: National Geographic, Author: National Geographic
Title: Real Simple, Author: Time
Title: Southern Living Magazine, Author: Time
Title: Food Network Magazine, Author: Hearst
Title: The New Yorker, Author: Condé Nast
Title: Sports Illustrated, Author: Time
Title: HGTV Magazine, Author: Hearst
Title: Us Weekly, Author: American Media
Title: Prevention, Author: Hearst
Title: InStyle, Author: Time
Title: Cosmopolitan - US edition, Author: Hearst
Title: The New York Times, Author: The New York Times Company
Title: Better Homes and Gardens, Author: Meredith Corporation
Title: Women's Health, Author: Hearst
Title: O, The Oprah Magazine, Author: Hearst
Title: Newsweek, Author: IBT Media
Title: Good Housekeeping - US edition, Author: Hearst
Title: Consumer Reports, Author: Consumer Reports

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