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Title: Native American Songs and Poems: An Anthology, Author: Brian Swann
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Title: The Loney Smith Locksmith Music Theory 1.0, Author: Roney O Smith
Title: Discoveries, Author: Brian Abbs
Title: The Formula - November/December Edition (Big L), Author: TheFormula Writings
Title: Maverick. El cielo con las manos, Author: Maverick López
Title: Kings of Society....A Brooklyn Story, Author: Michael Angus
Title: The Secret Laws of Love, Author: Eunice K Ryans
Title: God & Hip Hop, Author: Ayanna Gallow
Title: Break It Down: Reflections on Hip Hop from Young Minds, Author: Assata Makonnen
Title: Guitars & Folk Songs:, Author: Betty M Reeves
Title: Cómo entrevistar a una estrella de rock y no morir en el intento, Author: Fernando Garcia
Title: José María Ruiz. Si no lo soñé, Author: José María Ruiz
Title: La subcultura Hip Hop dagli Stati Uniti all'Italia, Author: Simone Nigrisoli
Title: Jazz Makers: Vanguards of Sound, Author: Alyn Shipton
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Title: Wisdom for Singers and Philosophers: Take the Journey Where Beauty and Insight Light the Way, Author: Gary Catona
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Title: Mito, tragedia, filosofia: Dall'antica Grecia al Moderno, Author: Giuseppe Fornari
Title: Istituzioni di letteratura italiana, Author: Giuseppe Leonelli
Title: How To Make Millions Of Dollars Without A Record Deal, Author: Tj Clemons
Title: THE LUTHIERS: JoAnn and Mr. Gustov, Author: Suzanne Pollock
Title: Hip Hop World (Groundwork Guides Series), Author: Dalton Higgins
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